Burning Loaf

How to Barbeque a Meatloaf

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Step Three - Barbeque It

You will need a grill with a lid. The example here is on a
22.5 inch Weber Charcoal Grill.

Although not required, it's a good idea to avoid flames directly
under the meatloaf. If you are using a charcoal grill, spread the
coals in such a way to keep them from being directly under the loaf.
Find something to keep the coals from rolling to the center.
Get creative. You are a guy playing with fire. Sweet.
Here we use a foil pan.

Spreading the coals

Don't heat the grate, cover a portion of it with foil and form the
meatloaf directly on it. Put the grate in the barbecue.
Here's what a 13½ pounder looks like.

Raw loaf on the grill

Cover it up and let it cook for a long time. At least an hour.
Bigger ones take longer. This one took 1 hour 40 minutes. You can
peek at it occasionally to see how it's doing. Gather the crowd and do it
quickly for maximum effect.

Loaf on the grill

To make sure the loaf is cooked all the way through, use a meat thermometer.
The loaf is done when it is 160°F in the center.

Eat it.