Burning Loaf

How to Barbeque a Meatloaf

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Step Two - Avoid Rookie Mistakes

Now might be a good time to mention that mixing together a meatloaf
and starting a fire don't always go as quickly as you might imagine.
(Those of you using gas are off the hook.) Your best bet is to start
working on starting the fire 30 minutes before the guys arrive.
The loaf ingredients should be mixed before that!
Allow yourself at least 30 separate minutes to mix up the loaf.
You really can't do anything else while your mixing up a meatloaf.
Keep in mind that there are other things you are going to need to do
to prepare for the guys, so don't start making the meatloaf too late!
The good news is that you can mix up the loaf many hours in advance
and refrigerate it. Aim for the ideal: relaxing by the grill with
beer in hand when the guys arrive.

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